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Take a sip ::

LA FLECHA COFFEE CO. is a journey to experience coffee in the most intimate and authentic way. Ripe coffee cherries that are hand selected and processed by farmers who are familiar and fair. Raw coffee that is roasted with anticipation for the sound of the first crack that releases its sweet aroma. Coffee beans that are ground and saturated in water until the slow drip fills each cup. Warm coffee that is savored in the stillness of the morning or in the presence of a dear friend. So when you take a sip, reflect on the journey of each bean, beginning when the seed was first sown in the ground.


Share a story ::

LA FLECHA FILM is a journey to tell stories that are worth sharing. It's simple. Engage the unique imperfections of the world from the lens of a camera. Expose their raw beauty on film. Craft artistic stories around each image. Share every story with expectancy. Because when we gracefully gather around stories that are incomplete or imperfect, lust for a perfect ending no longer drives us. Something cathartic happens around these special stories, Love moves. When Love moves, we can grant honor and dignity to moments of great weakness. So tell a story worth sharing, because stories matter and we are all worth far more than the darkness would dare to speak.


Zachary Ryan ::

Most days, you can catch me with a ceramic cup of coffee in my hand. I don't like to waste trees in the process of enjoying that fresh cup of coffee. My name is Zachary Ryan. Over the past two years, much of the momentum in my life centers itself around the tension caused by vulnerability. These sacred, fragile moments that expose us happen to be the most authentic catalyst for the future. Our culture has sold us the false narrative that our worth is defined by our perfection. As I have sought to pursue the most tense moments in my life, I have found a much richer way to live. The only caveat being: we must be willing to gather around the stories of deep brokenness long enough to restore dignity and beckon redemption to come.