Hermana Fuerte :: Carlmiya Jakai

Her name alone speaks of a fierce friend whose passion draws you to be real. In all of life’s tendencies toward absurd antics, Carlmiya (affectionately referred to as ‘Miya’) remains true. True to herself, but more importantly true to her friends. Her thoughts are much like unfiltered post-it notes. If she thinks it, you know it. 

Her favorite pastime is designing new variations for curse words. Along with this creative outlet, she is a brilliant artist with a paintbrush in hand. Each stroke leads to new possibilities for the final masterpiece of each canvas. Nothing makes her more upset than when someone interrupts her painting process with questions about the outcome. As an empty canvas sits before her, she understands the power of each new moment. Each moment of life forges a path without alluding to the long-awaited destination.

Recently she adopted an eight-year-old miniature poodle who she is jealously passionate for. But her zeal for love extends beyond that four-legged runt. She’s the type of person who initially comes off as hard because her authenticity can be perceived as threatening. I assure you, if you stick around long enough you will discover the depth of true friendship, which will carry you to the long-awaited destination.

Miya understands the power of stillness in chaos, distraction in confusion, laughter in sadness, authenticity in lies, presence in loneliness, and love in hatred. She is a true freedom fighter who is always willing to create a soft space for her people to rest. With a burning desire inside her, she longs to see America transition to a more inclusive community for all people. This equality is driven by an understanding that each soul has an immortal value. 

Miya is preparing for one of the hardest journeys yet. She is sitting in front of a massive canvas that urges her to create. With each movement of creativity, each splash of color, each tension of shadow and light she is bound to paint her most beautiful piece yet. Before she begins staining the canvas, she has prophetically spoken of the need for community even in marriage. She understands that life spent alone is not worth living at all. She has graciously invited her dearest friends to gather and dream alongside her as she prepares to brush her first stroke against this canvas on 7-7-17.

Cheers to you, Miya. As you and Philipe Miguel take new ground in discovering the unknown path before you, each moment will urge you to create in a way that only your originality will make sense of. It's a long journey ahead. One that will require everything of you. But I know without a doubt your creativity has prepared you for this journey.

To quote your favorite poets who beautifully describe this journey ahead of you: 

Kings and queens return to thieves to find what we've been holding.

Don't trade what you and Philipe are holding for anything in this world. Kings and queens may try to steal it from you, but you should guard it with your life. Now hurry up and have children so I can become a god-father to your lil swirls. 

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