Sean + kali

Sean and Kali shared their sweet hearts with each other right before they walked down the aisle. The night ended full of dances and sweet reminders of their community’s love for them.


The whole guest list leaned forward with anticipation for their union. As David dressed up in his Marine uniform, his friends supported him with laughter and old memories. Emily cherished her closest friends and family who surrounded her with love and support.

matt + morgan

This Wilmington wedding was one of the most exciting weddings I have captured. Not only was the bride an old friend from college, I was blown away by the love and joy that poured out of every person who attended this wedding. 

Jacob ross :: i’ll see you again

Life is fragile. We struggle, if ever, to fully embrace both its pain and joy. Yet surrounded by its darkest moments, Jade Ross has found the courage to use dance as a way to share her story.

austin + Courtney

The tangible love these two shared on their wedding day was a reminder that what matters most is the commitment that two souls make to each other.

transforming generations

Growing up in such an influential environment makes us realize that a narrative has already been scripted for us. It's not until we gather around stories of transformation that we begin to believe a new narrative is possible for ourselves. 

footsteps of paul

Deep within the Greek culture, you can find the rich Christian heritage, which is recognized as the first church. This is a story of how one man desires to follow in the footsteps of Paul, even in the post-modern era of Greece.

Tyler + Julia

These two are precious. Sweet wedding festivities marked their genuine love for each other that will overflow through the rest of their life.

Dominican Republic :: Barrio George

Barrio George was established after a hurricane displaced thousands of people. The hope of Jesus and education is the light that is fostering hope in this community. A hope so tangible, it is creating a visible transformation.

Quincy jones :: isn't she lovely

Starlight Cafe was full of people enjoying their Friday evening, as Quincy poured his soul into this jazz song. 

Frank + Merrie

The story of these two led them to gather their closest friends and family around a mountain valley. Their story is one that portrays the depths of a Savior's love.

Repair the Cycle

Eastern North Carolina is the second largest region in the nation for children born in a single-parent home. A narrative following the children this affects in Greenville, North Carolina.


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